Olympia Wildlife and Animal Removal

What to do About a Wild Animal Under Your Porch

Wild Olympia animals usually approach human premises for the purpose of food, water, and nesting. Places under a porch offer shelter and remote, quiet cozy openings, perfect for building a nest. When you realize that you have a visitor under your porch, you have two possibilities how to handle the problem.

Animal under a porch
Animal, living under your porch is probably a female with young, and you have two options:
1. Leave the animal and wait to abandon the nest on its own
2. Remove the Washington animal

1. If you decide to leave the Olympia animal undisturbed and for nature to take its course it´s probably the best solution. Wildlife usually represents no threat, and it will run away when spotting a human or a pet. In this case, especially if you have some pets of your own you need to be extra careful to prevent the interaction between the pets and wildlife. This kind of encounters may not end well. Before letting your pets outside always take a few moments and let the wildlife know that you are coming by a mere clap of your hands. Smaller pets shouldn´t be left outside alone, especially during the night time.

2. The second option needs a little more research while you have to determine which Washington species is hiding under your porch. After you know your ˝enemy˝, further actions can be determined. The most important thing before any other actions is finding where the little creature is entering its nest. After you located the entry point, you need to make it as uninviting as possible. Don´t block the entrance, until you are completely sure the family has moved out, Otherwise, you will have to deal with some serious problems like removing the carcasses. The smell of rotting meat is going to be unbearable and carcasses very hard to reach. In many cases, porch even needs to be partly demolished to reach dead animals. Therefore, avoid unnecessary expenses and evict the family by making the place unpleasant for their living. You can do that with placing a radio in the direct vicinity of the nest and playing some loud non-stop music for the next 24 hours. Also, install some very disturbing flashing and strobing lights. Under these aggressive circumstances, the family should move out within 2-3 days. Before sealing the opening, be entirely confident, there is no animal left behind. You can do that by sprinkling some flour around the entry point area, and if there aren´t any footprints, it´s safe to seal the opening and make your home an Olympia pest-free area.

When trying to get rid of the Olympia animal, living on your premises tries to choose the most humane way possible. Remember, they usually don't represent any threat and are just trying to raise their babies. However, when things get serious, you need to contact professionals and ask for some advice about the problem.

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