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Are Foxes Dangerous to Pets?

Foxes are the mammals having a living duration to almost five to fifteen years, Mostly active at night, having a taste of wide diversity of foods like trash, miniature animals, worms, insects and plants etc, often create disturbances in metropolitan areas while it has a typical feature of a particular smell on their bodies and their habitation which is musky if tasted for the first time. By nature, Washington foxes are unwavering and importunate regarding easy victim and even spend enough time to catch them.

As regards risk to the cats, dogs and other pets; dogs are considered at very low risk or even not at risk at Olympia fox attack, the only risk is about puppies which seem to be at higher risk. Cats are having an attitude of defending themselves from threats and they even attack in return at the attacker, therefore, foxes often don't disturb cats hence generally considered safe from them. Cats are even found wondering in fox areas, whereas if come across fox cubs, the parents threat cats to go off and they defend their area from cats. Other pets like rabbits etc. are on high side of danger regarding fox attack as they are the easiest prey for them. Ducks, chickens and other poultry items are even easier target for Washington foxes even if they are kept in cages also and if foxes found this target once they will be a lifetime and continuous threat for them.

Other dangers regarding Washington foxes are spreading of parasites, fleas worms which may pass on to these pets and may cause diseases for them and even human beings as well. Therefore, precautionary measures are adopted in such an environment where the interaction between foxes and pets is unavoidable. In United Kingdom it is a phenomenon that foxes attack cats where statistics show that out of 10000; nearly 79 cats are confirmed attacked by Olympia foxes while approximately 130 are assumed attacks by the foxes. As regards precautionary measures, the interaction factor be minimized, the food of pets be kept in the house where fox attack is minimal. Fox attack regarding cats is also rare even in UK where large no of foxes exist but threat remains there for little cats therefore pet keepers don't allow their little pets to live out of rooms during night as it is the best of foxes for attack. Cats only face large threats in the season when foxes are having their babies because these little ones are target of cats then and to save their cubs foxes show aggressive stance towards cats, this is the only time when cats get mostly harmed. So only the precautionary measures are the best possible way to reduce the threat to pets from foxes. Proper vaccination regarding worms control on pets is applied where the chances of interaction between pets and Olympia foxes are definite.

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